Portobello Mushroom & Pine Nut Crostini

Toasted Pine Nut & Portobello Mushroom Appetizer - Want to fancy up your appetizer selection? Go for this crispy buttered baguette topped with a delicious spread of sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, toasted pine nuts, garlic and a splash of wine for good measure! @ LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com

As I was thinking of what I should do with a little box of Portobello mushrooms that I picked up earlier this week I remembered about a mushroom spread that my mom used to make with mushrooms and pine nuts.     It’s been years since the last time I made them and I wasn’t [...]

Almond Cream Puff Pastry Braid

Almond Filled Puff Pastry Braid - Just like the Bear Claw, just much, much easier! by @Letthebakingbgn | LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com

  Do you remember I posted a recipe for the Almond Filling and I said it was very versatile? Well, guess what? This beautiful thing right here is filled with that cream! A whole lot of it too! If you like Bear Claw Pastries, or the Almond Croissants eating this Almond Filled Pastry Braid will [...]

Nutella Puff Pastry Danish

Nutella Puff Pastry Danish - 10 minutes of your time and you can be enjoying these ridiculously delicious danishes as well! Check out these step by step photo tutorial! @Letthebakingbgn | LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com

  Well hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Are you enjoying the warm weather yet? Today is such a sunny day in Portland it’s hard to stay indoors. But I managed to bake these incredibly easy but so, so delicious Nutella Puff Pastry Danishes. Yeap, I fell for it again and got myself [...]

Maple Glazed Coffee Eclairs

Maple Glazed Coffee Eclair

    Here are the promised Maple Glazed Coffee Eclairs! The combination of the coffee custard with the maple glaze is just incredible, somehow the two make a very lovely pair!

Pate a Choux or Choux Pastry

Pate a Choux - knowing how to make this one basic dough means that you have the basic knowledge to make Eclairs, Profitroles, St. Honore cake and even French Crullers. Check out the step by step pictures to see that there's nothing hard about it! | LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com | @Letthebakingbgn

I remember the first time I tried making éclairs when I was about 15 years old and how disappointed I was that my  dough just wouldn’t puff up in the oven. I gave that recipe a second try but the second time it wouldn’t puff up either. After the third try I gave up and [...]

Bacon & Caramelized Onion Gnocchi or Lazy Pierogies

Potato Gnochi with Bacon & Caramelized Onion | By LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com | @Letthebakingbgn

I am no Italian but these Gnocchi have been snuck into my Ukrainian rooted diet from when I was a wee baby. For the first couple years of my life our family lived at my grandma’s house so very often grandma would cook for both her and our family. Since gnocchi are in a sense [...]

Mikado – Layer Cake with Chocolate Custard Buttercream

Chocolate Cake Mikado - thin, flaky cake layers that are frosted with Chocolate Custard Buttercream. | by LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com | @Letthebakingbgn

Hey, hey! It’s Friday and the weekend is ahead of us! I’m here to tempt you with this delicious chocolate cake in hopes that you will make it for this weekend. You know, it’d be great on your Easter Table ;)   It’s not just any chocolate cake though, this one is made of thin, flaky [...]

Savory Crepes (Блинчики с Мясом)

Savory Crepes - Delicious crepes filled with beef & mushroom filling. They're great as a make ahead or freezer meal. Make them for breakfast, lunch, or dinner - they will be a hit any time of day! by LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com | @Letthebakingbgn

As you thought I was done with my crepe mania here I bring you yet another recipe that involves crepes. This time its a super delicious savory rolled crepe filled with mushrooms, beef vegetable sauté and some round rice for good measure. Some might even call them Rissoles, but I grew up calling it Блинчики [...]

Bacon Wrapped Potato

Bacon Wrapped Potatoes - Potato pieces, tossed in BBQ sauce and lovingly wrapped in smoked bacon, then roasted to crispy golden perfection. By LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com | @Letthebakingbgn

Bacon Wrapped Potatoes – Potato pieces, tossed in BBQ sauce and lovingly wrapped in smoked bacon, then roasted to crispy golden perfection.

Choux Pastry Buttermilk Crepes

Choux Pastry Buttermilk Crepes - one special trick and these crepes become virtually tear free with a wonderful lustrous sheen and chewy texture. They're good with anything, but condensed milk might be the easiest and one of the most delicious ways to devour these Choux Pastry Buttermilk Crepes. By LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com | @Letthebakingbgn

With several of my latest posts being for crepe recipes you can see that I’ve been on a crepe kick lately. Today I wanted to share a recipe for buttermilk crepes that have a peculiar technique of making them. As you know, choux pastry (think of batter that makes cream puffs, eclairs) is just batter [...]

Stuffed Crepe & Egg Breakfast Casserole

Stuffed Crepe & Egg Breakfast Casserole - cheesy, melty goodness that's perfect as a make-ahead dish to serve for breakfast | LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com | @Letthebakingbgn

Looking through my feed yesterday and seeing about a bazzilion different versions of crepes, pancakes, blinis and such I was finally ready to have an idea I’ve carried for a while come to life. I’m a huge fan of crepes and lately have been making them pretty often. Couple years ago while devouring my serving [...]