Honeycomb Cake

Layers of spiraling puff pastry tubes filled with Tart Cherry and Layered with Dulce de Leche Buttercream. This Honeycomb Cake will blow you away! by LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com

I remember, the first time I saw this combination in a cake was on a jazzedcook.com forum, when one of the girls on the forum replaced the frosting in a traditional “Monestary Hut” Russian cake, with sweetened condensed milk frosting. She claimed that while it sounded weird, it was very good. So I made it and loved it as well! I don’t think she had a name for her version of the cake, so I decided to call it ‘Honey Comb’ Cake, since it looks like the honey comb. Usually this cake is made rectangle, in either a glass dish, or stacked into a pyramid, because that’s the easiest way to assemble it, given that it’s made with puff pastry ‘tubes’ filled with sour cherries. I went ahead and made it into a round cake. Find out how, below…

Honey Comb Cake

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Serves: 8 inch cake, 8-10 servings



  • 2 12x12 inches, puff pastry sheets, thawed
  • 2 cups canned tart cherries, drained


  • 3 sticks butter, room temperature
  • 1.5 cans sweetened condensed milk, cooked (dulce de leche)


  • 150 grams dark chocolate, finely chopped
  • 150 ml heavy cream,
  • 3 tablespoons corn syrup


  • ½ cup chocolate sprinkles (only half will be actually used)


  1. Cook cans of condensed milk in a pot, covered with water by 2 inches, for 1.5 hours, on low heat. Allow to cool completely.
  2. Cut each puff pastry sheet in 3 strips. Roll them with a rolling pin, to double it in size (length & width). Place cherries about ½ inch apart along the long side of the dough. Roll it into a tube and pinch the ends. Do the same with 1 more strip of puff pastry. Combine rolled pieces together. Coil them into a spiral circle, leaving about ½ inch between each coil (see illustration at the end of the post).
  3. Bake at 400, for 15 minutes or until slightly golden.
  4. Follow the above steps and make 2 more cake layers.

Make the cream

  1. Whip room temperature butter, for about 3-4 minutes until white and fluffy. Scrape the bottom of the bowl a couple of times throughout.
  2. Add room temperature condensed milk, in 3 additions, making sure it’s combined before adding more.

Make Chocolate Ganache

  1. Chop the chocolate and place it into a bowl.
  2. Heat the cream, to a simmer.
  3. Pour over the chocolate. Let sit for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Add the corn syrup. Stir, until well combined and smooth.


  1. Reserve 1 cup of frosting for covering the cake.
  2. Place a small dab of frosting on a plate, to adhere it to the plate and ensure that it does not move. Put the first cake layer. Place 4 strips of foil, 1 inch under the cake, overlapping and covering the serving platter (will make for easy cleanup). Layer the cake with frosting, making sure the amounts of frosting between layers are the same.
  3. Cover the cake with the reserved frosting.
  4. Refrigerate the cake for 20 minutes.
  5. Pour the chocolate ganache on top of the cake, right in the middle. Go with a spatula in a circle, allowing the chocolate to drip down the sides and cover them.
  6. To get the spiral design, place the cake on a cake turntable, place the tip of your spatula in the middle, start turning the cake turntable, at the same time moving the spatula so that it creates a spiral all over the cake. Slowly, run a knife or a spatula, underneath the cake freeing the 4 strips of foil. Remove the foil. Clean up the edges of the serving plate if needed.
  7. While the ganache is still wet, decorate the cake with chocolate sprinkles. Place a baking pan or a large dish, in front of yourself. Take the cake into your left hand. Take some sprinkles into the palm of your hand, cupping the hand slightly. Press against the bottom of the cake, going around the cake.
  8. Cake is best served at room temperature, but is easier to cut while it’s still cold.


Please read comments for helpful suggestions.

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Layers of spiraling puff pastry tubes filled with Tart Cherry and Layered with Dulce de Leche Buttercream. This Honeycomb Cake will blow you away! by LetTheBakingBeginBlog.comLayers of spiraling puff pastry tubes filled with Tart Cherry and Layered with Dulce de Leche Buttercream. This Honeycomb Cake will blow you away! by LetTheBakingBeginBlog.comLayers of spiraling puff pastry tubes filled with Tart Cherry and Layered with Dulce de Leche Buttercream. This Honeycomb Cake will blow you away! by LetTheBakingBeginBlog.com

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  • Oksana

    Do you think you could take step by step pictures in the near future? I am completely confused how you rolled up the cake. And thats okay. Ill try to make this and just stack it up into a pyramid. If i just make individual logs, how many should i get when i make this recipe?Thanks for the recipe.

    · Reply
    • With as busy as I am right now, it is not very likely, but may be one day…

      You will get 6 logs, so if you want a bigger cake, I say double the recipe 🙂

      To make the round version, you roll the logs up. Then take 2 logs and make one long one, by joining them. Then twist this long one into a spiral. Bake. 🙂

      · Reply
      • Leslie

        The part the confuses me is that im not clear after making the coil, do you bake in a round pan? for how long and temp? and then you say you separate the layers to add the cream..thats where you lost me not clear on how is put together before baking or after…i really want to try this but would greatly appreciate if you can clarify just a little..sorry not a pro like you LOL! THANKS SO MUCH!

        · Reply
  • wow, this looks so good.

    · Reply
  • Making “Monastirskaya Izba” has been on my to-do list forever! I can never get to it, but I should. This version looks lovely. Love the idea of using cooked condensed milk for frosting and good to hear that it worked! Pinned!

    · Reply
    • Yeah, I’ve made the original version that is still waiting to be published, but they’re both great!

      · Reply
  • Luda

    Do you roll out the dough to double in length or width size?

    · Reply
    • Both, the width and length.

      · Reply
  • Yuliya

    Oh this looks amazing! I am going to have to give this a try for my husbands birthday next week. Was the cake moist enough with the condensed milk and butter frosting? Hes a big fan of moist cakes : ) Hopefully mine can turn out atleast half as pretty as yours did!

    · Reply
    • This is not a very moist cake, the tubes are puff pastry (flaky) and buttercream. So it’s more crispy and creamy, then moist. If you want something moist, go with “Black Prince” or “Truffle” cake.
      Also, some people said that this cake is a bit too buttery (from the buttercream) for them, so use your judgement when layering the cake with cream (use less if you don’t like buttercream much).
      It was fine for me, but again, to each it’s own.

      · Reply
  • Angela

    Such a beautiful cake, my husband loves cherries, but I cant too figure out how to roll and out the logs together…. 🙁 a little confused. Can you please help

    · Reply
    • I hand drew a picture of the technique just now, check it out and let me know if it helps. Also read my comment about the amount of buttercream in the cake and make your own call as to how much you want to add.

      · Reply
      • The pictures helped a lot. It looks pretty easy.

        · Reply
        • I’m glad they did 🙂 It’s really not as hard as some say 🙂

          · Reply
  • Tania

    Your so creative Marina! Looks delicious!

    · Reply
  • Wow this cake is absolutely stunning! I can’t wait for a special occasion so I can make this for someone. Although I don’t think mine will turn out as perfect as yours!

    · Reply
    • Thank you! I am sure yours will look just as good 🙂 there really is not much to it once you start making it 🙂

      · Reply
      • Michael

        Oh my that cake looks adorable and I love the prttey china. Can you Blog the cake recipe or is it a Pink Possum secret? I love your new header too! That is very cute. xx

        · Reply
  • I remember I tried once a similar cake when I was a child…and I never forgot how lovely it was! Definitely would have to try this recipe out!:)

    · Reply
    • It’s interesting how some tastes/smells can just bring you right back to the original place where you experienced them first, isn’t it?
      Thanks for your comment!

      · Reply
  • this looks AWESOME !!!! all of your cakes are gorgeous

    · Reply
  • Lidiya

    This cake looks absolutely amazing Marina… I just dont understand how you got it all perfectly round on the sides?

    · Reply
    • Hi Lidiya! Thank you!
      It is easier to get perfect sides when you assemble the cake in an adjustable cake ring (search on amazon).

      · Reply
      • Lidiya

        Thank you so much for your reply… I will try doing that, and I do have a round cake ring=)

        · Reply
        • No problem!
          You can also bake the spiral cake layers within a cake form, to keep it from expanding. This will ensure even layers as well, when you go to frost it 🙂

          · Reply
  • shirley

    great recipe

    · Reply
  • Anna

    should i use puff pastry with yeast or without? thanks a lot!

    · Reply
    • Hi Anna, thanks for your question. Puff pastry is actually never sold with yeast. The yeasted layered dough is either danish or croissant dough, it’s different than puff pastry 🙂 so for this recipe you use actual puff pasty (it never has any yeast).

      · Reply
  • Natalie

    want to make this cake, and have a ?, how did u bake the rolls, на прастом дечко, or did u bake them separete там где торты пекут в круглых дечках. Thanks a lot

    · Reply
    • I am not sure what дечко means? What is it?i baked each spiral in a round baking pan… Also there is Hand drawn picture at the end of the post, it might help clear some things up.

      · Reply
  • Lynda

    The cream/frosting does not appear to have any sweetner. Is this correct or do we use sweetened condensed milk? Just discovered your blog via Pinterest – wonderful.

    · Reply
    • Hello Lynda!
      Thank you!
      Yes the cream does not contain any sweetener because the condensed milk is sweetened condensed milk. I’ve never ever seen just ‘condensed milk’ sold, that’s why I use condensed milk, meaning sweetened condensed milk.

      · Reply
  • S

    Okay, unless you’ve updated the instructions and made them more clear, I don’t understand why people are so confused about this recipe. It seems extremely clear to me. I’ve never seen a cake like this OR made frosting like this and cannot wait to give it a try! Hopefully it will turn out well for me 😀 One little thing- could you tell me what size cans sweetened condensed milk you use? Can sizes are always changing (shrinking!) and I want to have the correct amount of sweetened condensed milk 🙂

    · Reply
    • Hi S,
      No I haven’t updated the recipe and have not changed the recipe, the instructions you saw are the instructions everyone else saw 🙂
      The condensed milk I use is this one
      Any brand will work, but the cheaper the brand the thicker the condensed milk (I have found), so don’t try to spend more money trying to get better quality.
      Also when you have added 75% of the amount of condensed milk, add the remainder slower because sometimes those last 25% can bring the fat content over and curdle the cream. As soon as you see any sign of ‘breakage’ stop adding condensed milk. It all depends on the kind of butter and condensed milk..
      Good luck and let me know how it all goes 🙂

      · Reply
  • IT

    Wish I could try this very interesting cake, but I just cant visualize the process of how you made it. Step by step pictures would have been a “huge” help for the not so daring bakers like me. Hope to see this option one day on your blog as your cakes are the most visually appealing.

    · Reply
    • In the future I plan to do step by step pictures for this cake because its definitely harder to visualize this one than others. So hang in there 🙂

      · Reply
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    · Reply
  • Nata

    Hi, is it ok to do with blueberries instead cherries?

    · Reply
    • No, this cake needs something tart to offset it’s sweetness (you know, the condensed milk is kind of sweet))) so sour cherries is what works best.

      · Reply
  • Hi Marina,
    The what size cans of sweeten condensed milk does the recipe call for? Every brand at the store I went to only had 14oz cans… I’m not sure if that is standard or not but I want to make sure I have enough.

    Making this for Thanksgiving! Can’t wait!

    · Reply
    • 14 oz is pretty standard 🙂 Good luck!

      · Reply
  • Виктория

    Добрый день! Не знаю, понимаете ли вы по русски, но мне еще пока сложно изъясняться на английском. Торт прекрасен! Чем-то похож на торт “Монастырская изба”. http://www.beautyinfo.com.ua/m0c3i4066.html. У вас слой выкладывается каждый отдельно?

    · Reply
    • Здраствуйте Виктория, спасибо за коментарий!
      Да, этот торт был сделан по мотивам “Монастырской Избы”, просто я хотела сделать его в круглой форме вместо традиционной прямоугольной с треугольным срезом. Вот здесь http://letthebakingbeginblog.com/2014/08/honeycomb-cherry-cake-recipe/ посмотрите еще одна версия этой же Монастырской Избы, только там другой крем и есть пошаговые фото того как сделаны сами слои торта. Надеюсь это поможет 🙂 Если нет, спрашивайте еще 🙂

      · Reply
  • Julianna

    Just made this…fantastic fun dessert that looks fancy!

    · Reply
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    · Reply
    • Barbra

      I’m so excited for you! It’s going to be fantastic!!

      · Reply
      • Deidra

        Verdict: it’s really good. But it looks like a disaster. It was cold when it tried to cut it and it still fell to pieces. Lol. But come, on its flaky pastry with chocolate and cherries. There is nothing you can do to make it taste bad! Lol. Great dessert, but those who haven’t made it before, I’d recommend a trial run before making it for an occasion.

        · Reply
  • Baking Babs

    I simply googled Monastirskaya Izba and found this video https://youtu.be/zla043qKuE8 I can’t understand it but at about 4 minutes in, you can see she is assembling the rounds for the cake. I’m making this tonight!!

    · Reply
    • Deidra

      Thanks for the video. I think I can do this now. I’m not a baker at all and I’ve never worked with puff pastry so I’m super nervous. The ingredients were so expensive, I’d hate to ruin it.

      · Reply
      • Deidra

        Update: So far so good, The pastry is taking quite a while to get done, the baking time for me was 35 min for the first layer and it’s still a bit light in the middle. I was nervous about how small the rings turned out but it fits an 8″ cake pan perfectly. It certainly is a small dessert though. Next time, I will make it for a smaller crowd. I will have to slice this extra thin so that everyone can have a taste. I have the 2nd and 3rd layers baking together now. It smells so delicious, I never thought my home could smell like a pastry shop!

        · Reply
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  • Made it and loved it!! It’s not only delicious but so pretty too, thanks for sharing Marina!

    · Reply
  • Jane

    Is it best to make this cake the day or serving or before? would it get too mushy if made ahead? thank you!

    · Reply
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