Cappuccino Cups

I was lucky to be a daughter of a woman that loved all that had to do with kitchenware. My mom had a big collection of dishes, pots and other stuff that you would ever need or use in the kitchen, and that was during the times where nothing was available for purchase in the stores. If you ever got anything, that was because you had relations with store personnel or you waited in a two mile long line.

Me and my sister always had a favorite cup or a dish. And God have mercy if we liked the same thing that was available in a quantity of only one.
That is why everything that was ever purchased for our use, was bought in double quantities. Even the birthday presents were bought in the quantity of 2, to make sure that none were “discriminated”. It didn’t really matter whose birthday it was.

Even now in my adult life I have a favorite cup and a soup bowl that I like to eat from. Somehow the food is more enjoyable when it’s consumed from the favorite dish or a cup.

So, where am I going with this… Oh, that’s right…
Every time we ordered a cappuccino in a restaurant they would bring it in this special cappuccino cup, with the steamed milk, the foam of which always seemed to want to escape the cup, but never did. I didn’t have these kinds of cups at home though. I am not sure if we rarely made cappuccino because we didn’t have cups, or we didn’t have cups because we rarely made cappuccino at home.
Well that cycle ended when I saw these cups in a store. I bought them. It didn’t take me long to decide wether I wanted them or not. Now I am going to drink cappuccino not only because it tastes delicious, but because I have the cups that have the ability to make anything taste delicious, once poured into them.


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  • Так вкусно, с удовольствием бы выпила эту красивую чашечку кофе с бесподобно аппетитной пеночкой, мммм…..

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  • Заходите, угощу 🙂

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  • Vera

    How do you make your milk frothy? Do you use a machine?

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    • This froth was made with a special ‘frothing’ thing, it looked exactly like the coffee press. You just pour hot milk into the coffee press and then go with the press up and down really quickly, this will create foam. Just make sure not to put more then 2/3 of a cup into your coffee press and have your milk hot.

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      • Vera

        Thanks Marina, I never knew a coffee press thing for milk frothing like that existed, I’ve seen someone froth up milk by heating it in a sauce pan on stovetop, then whisking the heck out of it till it froths up. 😮

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        • It will froth up, but using the French press is definitely easier and quicker))

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