Simple Elegance

I made this cake for my cousin who was turning 16. She wanted something simple but elegant and decided to go with a two tiered cake, adorned with a yellow peony flower on the side.
The flower was made using self made petal cutters, as I wasn’t about to go and spend 50$ on the set of the peony cutters. It did take quite some time to shape each petal and then dry it and put the whole thing together, but I was rather pleased with the result.



I did not find any videos on how to make the peony cutters (like I did), but I did find a videos on how to make a similarly shaped peony flower. It’s 4 videos, for 4 stages.


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  • Oksana Novikov

    Beautiful!! Would you share the details of the cake? Like what kind of cake it is, what kind of cream you used? And what size cakes they are…. Thanks so much!! Your blog is an inspiration to me!

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  • Hi Oksana!
    This cake had many and many layers of “Markiza” cake (I have the recipe here on the blog). I do not remember how many layers it was, or what the size of this cake was, since it was a long time ago. But it was covered in a cream made with heavy cream and powdered sugar.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks for visiting and I appreciate your lovely comment 🙂

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