Chicken Sandwich for Lunch

What you’re looking at, my dear friends, is my favorite sandwich that comes together, in under 3 minutes, with no prior prep ๐Ÿ˜€IMG_0491

I always keep canned chicken breast on hand, just for this particular sandwich. The rest of the ingredients are usually something you have in your fridge already, cheese, tomatoes, greens, avocado (well may be not this one). I make the sandwich with regular bread, but this time I got some “pub buns” at Costco and they make this sandwich go from ‘very good’, to ‘awesome’! It has a very soft, but not “hamburger bun” kind of soft inside and if you toast it in your toaster, once you bite into the sandwich, you get a slight crunch from the outside.
When I don’t add the avocado and cheese, I add slices of boiled egg.


For the sandwich:
Bread of Choice / Buns
Canned chicken
Green Onion
Micro Greens

Toast the bun in the toaster oven.
Drain the water from the chicken, mix with chopped onions and some mayo (if you want to save some calories, don’t drain the liquid, but use it to mix with the chicken to give it some moisture).
Spread the chicken mixture on top of lower bun.
Place sliced avocados, cheese, micro greens/salad leaves, tomatoes, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and cover with the second bun.

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